Meet the Econologics Team

christopher-financial-planning P. Christopher Music

Founder, President, Co-Owner

P. Christopher Music, is the founder of Econologics and the President of Econologics Financial Advisors. He is a 20+ year veteran of the financial planning profession and a best-selling author and financial expert. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates around the country and has been published in Forbes, Newsweek and various healthcare industry publications. He is the creator of The Private Practice Millionaire® series of live workshops and home study courses so you as a professional can Live Your Art™.

diane-financial-planningDiane H. Music

CEO, CFO, Co-Owner

Diane is the CEO and CFO of Econologics Financial Advisors and runs the day to day operations of the organization. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University and practiced as an occupational therapist before starting her career in the financial planning industry. As a business owner with experience practicing in healthcare, Diane has an understanding of how to help practice owners achieve financial success in their lives. She enjoys her life with Christopher and her two cats, Stella and Izzy. She spends her free time kayaking, hiking, cooking and traveling.

eric-financial-planningEric S. Miller

Chief Financial Advisor, Co-Owner

Eric is responsible for ensuring the clients of Econologics Financial Advisors are achieving and maintaining the Optimum Financial Condition through the use of Econologics technology. He specializes in the creation and implementation of the Econologics Roadmap and the ARMoR Reviews; taking them through a defined process that allows them to attain their ideal financial condition.

“There is no greater feeling than inspiring practice owners and helping them eliminate the financial uncertainties in their lives.” – E. Miller

mendy-financial-planningMendy Frost Heinz

Director of Marketing & Sales

Mendy is the resident Marketing Diva. She has over a decade of marketing and sales experience in the financial services industry. Holding diverse positions in leading financial companies has given her a panoramic view of personal financial planning technology and its application in our society. Her purpose at Econologics Financial Advisors is to publish and disseminate educational and informational materials on behalf of the Econologics Institute, both online and in print, in an effort to assist clients in applying correct solutions to their financial lives.

Laurie Palmquist

Financial Advisor

Annette Jonsson
Annette JonssonEvent & Sales Concierge
Cheryl Fisher
Cheryl FisherAdministrative Assistant
Joseph Esposito
Joseph EspositoFinancial Planner Assistant
Eric Gersch
Eric GerschFinancial Planner Assistant