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About Diane Hart

Diane is the CEO and CFO of Econologics Financial Advisors and runs the day to day operations of the organization. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University and practiced as an occupational therapist before starting her career in the financial planning industry. As a business owner with experience practicing in healthcare, Diane has an understanding of how to help practice owners achieve financial success in their lives. She enjoys life with her two cats, Stella and Izzy and spends her free time kayaking, hiking, cooking and traveling.

What’s Your View?

What’s Your View? I  read an anonymous quote the other day that said, “After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.” Then I started to think about how building and running a practice is [...]

I Have a Secret to Tell You

I Have a Secret to Tell You I have a secret to tell you about making more money. First, I want to tell you why we are having this discussion. I did a Google search on [...]

A Story About Gravity

A Story About Gravity If you live on planet earth you know about the natural law of gravity. You understand the necessity of it. If you’re like me you’ve probably tested it. I remember the day [...]

How to be Smarter than a Physicist

How to be Smarter than a Physicist Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” And this guy is a world-renowned physicist! I am thinking he [...]

A Lesson From a Rock Star

Just Press Play I listened to a lot of hair bands growing up in the ‘70s and one thing was for sure – most of them could have cared less about their reputation. I remember reading [...]

Let’s Watch the Grass Grow!

Let’s Watch the Grass Grow! Recently I read this quote from American economist Paul Samuelson: “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to [...]

Pass the Wine, Please…

I recently took a trip to France and had the opportunity to tour some wineries. Fascinating business, making wine. Did you know winemakers use satellites to monitor their vineyards? Some of them even have their land divided into grids so [...]

Show Me The Money!

Show Me The Money! I think everyone knows that famous scene from the movie Jerry Maguire. It is a great example of the sheer desperation people can experience when it comes to the subject of making [...]

How to Turn 49 Cents into $2.86 Million

Remember the McDonald’s hot coffee fiasco? A lady bought a cup of coffee, spilled it on her lap and sued. McDonalds was found liable and damages were assessed in the millions. It doesn’t take much to consider that McDonalds has [...]

An IRS Agent Walks Into a Bar…

An IRS Agent Walks Into a Bar… Ee all know jokes about the IRS and getting taxed seemingly to death. But I doubt any of us laugh when we pay those tax bills. Is writing that [...]

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