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About Eric Miller

Eric S. Miller, also known as Best Financial Friend Forever™, BFFF®, is a 20+ year veteran of the financial planning profession. He is a co-owner of Econologics Financial Advisors® and a registered series 6 and 65 financial advisor as well as insurance licensure nationwide. Having had over 10,000 conversations with private practice owners discussing financial matters of their household and business, Eric has guided his clients into a more optimum financial condition using a proven system that gets results.

Preserve Your Reserves

I do like simple things. There is no truer test of a genius then someone who can take something that is seemingly very complex and reduce it down to a simplicity. One of the reasons I admire private practice health [...]

If the analytics are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers

I was never much of numbers person, which may sound like a contradiction coming from a Financial Planner. I happen to have the viewpoint that the attainment of REAL financial freedom is achieved primarily by your consistent good habits, attitudes, [...]

Private Practice Professionals: Pay Yourself First!

Part of my responsibility as a Financial Advisor is to observe and communicate what successful actions you as a private practice professional can do to ensure your financial future is certain and secure. The first step on your journey to [...]

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