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Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment for Practice Owners

Assess Your Financial Health

Attempting to assess the financial situation of your household can be a daunting task. How do you know when you are really prosperous? What needs to be done to improve your financial experience?

In order to get an accurate assessment of your current financial condition, you must compare it to what it would be if it were optimal.But how do you determine your current financial state?

Introducing the Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment

This simple online questionnaire assesses and objectively measures the current financial condition of a household compared to an optimum one as defined by our system. These questions are designed to validate areas that are doing well and expose specific areas that need improvement in 9 different areas of your financial life. 

Your answers are analyzed, scored on a scale from 0 to 850 and plotted on a graph so you can see the overall financial condition of your household at a glance.  The higher the score, the closer your household financial condition is approaching the optimum. 

Once you complete this assessment, you’ll meet with an Econologics® Specialist to review your results in a complementary financial strategy session to discuss ways you can begin improving your financial condition immediately.

Our goal is to help you identify the most critical elements and show you solutions that will result in helping you achieve financial freedom.

Your Next Step Toward Financial Certainty

Step 1:

Complete the simple online assessment.

Step 2:

Review your results with our strategy specialist.

Step 3:

Get a custom step-by-step plan.