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Econometry® Analytics

After defining the Optimum Financial Condition as the predictable result of our proprietary process, it is necessary to objectively measure whether or not that result is attained. This requires correct measurements for the desired outcomes—an exclusive set of metrics that accurately reflects the operating financial and economic condition of the household.

Econometry Analytics is a set of 18 statistical tools that go far beyond the limited and often unimportant traditional measurements used by the financial planning industry. One’s financial condition is much more than tracking rates of return on investments or income tax rates—it is the measurement of one’s overall financial experience. These analytics measure the most important element of financial prosperity—one’s actions in relation to fundamental principles on the subject of financial success.

Every element must have its own ideal results. By using Econometry Analytics, we can measure a client’s existing financial condition and compare the results annually to the Optimum Financial Condition every step along the way.

Econometry® Analytics is a breakthrough in the financial industry because each diagnostic test is designed to objectively measure the current condition of a business or household compared to an optimum in each individual element.

Select the diagnostic test below that you are most curious. Once your test has been successfully completed you will receive an email to schedule a meeting to review your results graph with a trained professional. This process is meant to help you discover your true financial condition and ultimately how our programs are designed to help you improve your condition in the weakest areas.

Financial Prosperity Index® (FPI)

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Practice Transition Readiness Assessment® (PTRA)

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