Financial Prosperity Index (FPI)

Trying to assess the financial condition of one’s household can be a daunting task. How do we know if we are really prosperous? What needs to be done to improve it?

Most people tend to compare their financial situation to those of their neighbors and friends. While this practice is quite common, it creates a false perception of our actual condition since our friends may be experiencing significant financial challenges even though they appear affluent and successful.

In order to get an accurate assessment of your true current financial condition, you must compare it to what it would be if it were optimal—that is, if your entire financial life was approaching an ideal state. But how does one measure his current state with the optimum?

Introducing the Financial Prosperity Index

This simple online questionnaire allows you to assess your current financial condition with a defined optimal one in 9 critical areas of your financial life. Once this innovative questionnaire is submitted, a graph will be created for you so you can orient yourself to your current and factual financial condition at a glance.

The 9 elements addressed include:

  • Your overall financial goals and plan to achieve them
  • Your knowledge and application of basic financial principles
  • The viability of your business—if you have one
  • How much income you will create in the future
  • Your debt and credit situation
  • The quality of your estate plan
  • Whether your income taxes can be optimized
  • If your assets are really protected, and
  • If your investments are really suitable for your goals.

Begin your financial journey by first taking this in-depth assessment to learn your current financial condition compared to the optimum. Once your test has been successfully completed you will receive an email to schedule a meeting to review your results graph with a trained professional. This process is meant to help you discover your true financial condition and ultimately how our programs are designed to help you improve your condition in the weakest areas.