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Business Transition Planning

Econologics Transition Plan™
Results-Based Transition Planning®

Results-Based Transition Planning® the next step on your journey as Private Practice Owner. It is misunderstood that “transition planning” should be done just prior to the exit of your business.

This innovative service is specifically designed for creating Maximum Transition Value in your private practice now and creating future value for you, your staff, your patrons, and your community over time. The exit is merely the last step in the transition planning called the transaction.

Here are the 9 Steps to a successful transition plan:

  • You are implementing a written comprehensive practice transition plan.
  • You have a team of knowledgeable advisors.
  • You have an organized, trained and very productive staff.
  • Your practice runs on systems and expands without your involvement.
  • The income of the practice is abundant and up-trending.
  • The property of the practice is protected and optimized regarding value.
  • Your financial readiness to transition out the practice is secure and certain.
  • You are fully mentally and emotionally ready to move onto the next chapter of your life.
  • The transaction is structured optimally, efficiently and on your terms for Maximum Transition Value.

Since the private practice is the most valuable asset in the household, it must be managed in a manner to generate the maximum social and economic value to the owner(s). This value can then be transferred to successor-owner(s) if the proper actions are done in the proper sequence. This is why the Econologics Transition Plan is essential for a practice owner’s personal financial plan as it is a valuable asset for income now and in the future.