What is a
Private Practice Millionaire?

The Millionaire Model

“The Private Practice Millionaire is one who learns the theory and practices of The Practitioner, The Owner, and The Executive and applies them to excellent results.” – P. Christopher Music

When you have all three of these areas working together, then it is not at all difficult to become more affluent and successful financially. Every practice owner must fulfill the responsibilities of these three roles in order to gain the greatest results available from the effort and activity.

The Practitioner: This refers to the specific services you provide that have taken you years of education and experience in most cases. The quality of those services must be kept very high, consistent and valuable to the public you serve

The Executive: This role ensures that the business structure is established and maintained to create a stable and expanding organization. The executive has the charge of coordinating the planning, personnel, sales and marketing, finance, public relations, quality control and efficient delivery of the firm’s services.

The Owner: As an owner, you have the charge of ensuring that the business expands in gross income and profit, and meets the objectives of all of the investors in the enterprise and keep the business true to its goals and purposes with an exit strategy planned.