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As a practice owner, balancing the effort it takes to build a business, create household wealth, and have time for family feels like a constant struggle. What is more important? How do you build a profitable business, pay off bad debt, save for retirement, protect your assets, save on taxes, and leave a legacy — all at the same time? It may seem impossible…but it CAN be done! (And it doesn’t need to take a lifetime).

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Take a look around. Download a Free eBook…or two. Browse our library of articles and videos. We have provided you a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips!


Ask us anything! Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation with an Econologics® Specialist to answer your questions and allow us to learn more about you and your goals.


Get your financial health score by completing our online assessment and then meet with an Econologics® Specialist to review your results and strategize how and where to begin improving your financial condition.

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You don’t need a financial guru. You need a financial GUIDE.

you need a guide

Practice owners often get cookie-cutter financial advice. Instead of diagnosing specific issues, the advice is generic. The financial plan given isn’t suited for the unique needs of practice ownership.

For owners, the practice is the biggest and riskiest asset, yet this is typically left out of the planning conversation. This is frustrating, since your personal finances should reflect the hard work you put into your practice.

Our proprietary Results-Based Financial Planning® system called Econologics® helps uncover the value of your hard work, enabling you to live life on your own terms. Plus our licensed advisors will be with you every step of the way.

This isn’t a journey you should travel alone. Get experienced guidance and a plan built specifically for your needs so you can enjoy every phase of ownership while reaching your personal financial goals along the way.

Avoid Costly
Financial Mistakes

There ARE different zones of financial conditions, and they each have certain characteristics. To get where you want to be financially, you MUST know what financial zone you are currently in so you are aware of the steps needed to get into the next zone.

Take the first step and learn about the 7 Zones of Financial Freedom to start your journey.

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