Financial Prosperity Index® Assessment

We Can Execute Even the Most Unpredictable Ideas

You deserve to be in control of your financial future and reap the benefits of your hard work. Figuring out how to get there can feel overwhelming—especially if you’re not sure where you’re starting.

Many of us “assess” our financial situation in comparison to family and friends. But the truth is we have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. What appears to be affluence and success could be crushing debt, and what looks like financial struggle could be simple frugality.

The more effective approach is to compare your true, current financial condition to your hoped-for future—before you start your journey.

Introducing the Financial Prosperity Index

The Financial Prosperity Index measures your current financial health against optimal levels in nine critical areas. Through our in-depth questionnaire, we discover answers to these questions:


  1. How realistic are your overall financial goals and plans to achieve them?
  2. Do you know basic financial principles and how to apply them?
  3. How viable is your business?
  4. What’s your future income potential?
  5. How is your debt and credit situation affecting your financial health?
  6. Do you have a quality estate plan?
  7. Could you be doing more to optimize your income taxes?
  8. Are your assets really protected?
  9. Are your investments suitable for your goals?

Your Next Step Toward Financial Certainty

Step 1:

Complete your free assessment.

Step 2:

Review your results with our team.

Step 3:

Get a custom plan.