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Assess Areas of Your Practice for Transition Readiness

Practice Transition Readiness Assessment for Practice Owners

Since the practice is your most valuable asset, it needs to be managed so that it can be successfully transferred to a successor-owner for the highest amount when the time comes. Transition planning is about the journey – no matter what phase of practice ownership you are in. But how do you begin to evaluate your practice condition?

It may be difficult to imagine today, but at some point in the future, you’ll be ready to move on from your practice. The more value you create for a successor, translates to a more valuable practice to you while you own it – allowing you an opportunity to run it as an absentee owner until you choose to sell.

Introducing the Practice Transition Readiness Assessment®

This simple online questionnaire is a tool we use to get a concept of the overall value of your practice in the eyes of a potential buyer. The results graph will highlight 9 different areas that may need improvement and validates those areas that are functioning effectively. The goal of transition planning is to get the practice into a state of readiness, as shown across the top of the graph – prior to exiting your business.

Regardless of the number of years you plan to own your practice, the key is to start planning NOW!

Your Next Step toward Financial Certainty

Step 1:

Complete the simple online assessment.

Step 2:

Review your results with our strategy specialist.

Step 3:

Get a custom step-by-step plan.