The long-term survival of a human being, a family, a company, a nation, or a tomato plant for that matter, depends upon its ability to be more right than wrong in the actions it takes. Right actions allow the organism to survive longer, produce more, flourish, and generally have more pleasant experiences. Wrong actions result in unhappiness, disorganization, misery, sickness, and eventually death.

How does one determine which actions are right and which are wrong? This has been a question which philosophers have battled through the ages. From my own standpoint, actions I have taken in my life which are based upon certain observable truths AND have actually improved my overall condition (be it physically, mentally or spiritually) are considered right actions by me. Working out, eating healthy, reading books, helping others, being productive, and leading by example illustrate this concept. Conversely, life has been more difficult for me when I have deviated from taking right actions and engaged in behavior that was destructive and detrimental to my overall survival.

The long-term financial survival potential for your business and your household are directly dependent on the amount of right actions you take. For a business; being organized, utilizing statistics, pushing the purpose, holding people accountable, giving excellent service, promoting yourself, hiring good employees, selling your services with ferocity, and controlling your cash flow will all lead to an improved condition in the business. From a household perspective, one should create income targets, set up a systematic and automatic payment of 10% of the practice gross income to a reserve account, follow a debt reduction program, and eliminate as many financial uncertainties as possible. This can be done by following a proven financial planning system, working with a financial consultant, and continually getting the correct training on the subject of personal finance.

Changing Your Financial Pace

Implementing these correct actions comes with a sacrifice. They change your “financial pace.” You see, everyone of us is operating at a certain pace in life. That pace is dictated by the actions we are taking. Right actions are allowing our financial pace to improve and move towards abundance of wealth. Wrong actions slow down our “financial pace” and move us towards scarcity. In my experience, practice owners who are doing well financially operate on a much faster pace. They have a great attitude towards their financial future. They don’t use outside influences as an excuse for lack of money. They don’t spend their time on unimportant actions. They make decisions quickly and they utilize consultants to help push production levels over perfection.

Those practice owners who are struggling financially are on a financial pace towards financial ruin. They assign blame to others and they listen to financial advisors who don’t understand their challenges as an owner. They have no idea what their capacity is to deliver, and they feel their environment is dangerous to them.

Our main goal at Econologics Financial Advisors is to change your “financial pace.” It is to change your viewpoint and your attitude so you are willing to take the right steps which will lead you towards financial power and abundance. We do this using the Econologics® system, along with ongoing financial consulting with a trained and licensed advisor, holding you accountable to reach your goals, and financial training so you can have more confidence, certainty and control of your financial experience.

We consider it our honor and privilege to help change the financial pace of our clients so they are confident and achieving financial results.

You have the ability to create an amazing effect with your wealth and your financial future is endlessly beautiful. Let’s make it happen—we’re here to help!