Join us for a FREE Virtual Bootcamp to learn what the top 1% most successful practice owners already know about harnessing the power of their practice profits to build richly deserved personal wealth!

Are you working for your practice or is it working for you? Do you feel prepared for your future or is uncertain? Do you know how to strategically invest your business cash to ensure financial success?
Stop thinking like a practitioner and start thinking like an investor!

This Financial Bootcamp has been ‘REBOOTED” to provide you with the most relevant and key financial principles (that you were never taught in school) so you can better control the trajectory of your financial life.

At this Financial Bootcamp you will learn:

  • Why your financial planning needs are DIFFERENT because you own a business
  • How to avoid the PITFALLS of following a “traditional” financial planning model
  • How to create personal wealth utilizing practice PROFITS
  • How to calculate the REAL amount you need to build for retirement
  • The MAGICAL method how to build multiple income sources
  • Your #1 EXPENSE as a practice owner (and it’s not what you think!)
  • How to prepare for a successful EXIT (no matter when you plan to sell your business)
  • The 3 roles you should be compensating yourself for in your business and the SECRET how it’s done
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Regardless what you have been told, it IS possible for you to realize the fruits of your labor and achieve financial freedom — And it doesn’t NEED to take a lifetime. You can take back control of your financial life right now by investing 90 minutes in the financial education you’ve always known you needed to reach your full potential.

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