I have a secret to tell you about making more money.

First, I want to tell you why we are having this discussion.

I did a Google search on ways to make more money and was surprised to find that most of the answers had nothing to do with production or work. The suggestions ranged from renting your house on Airbnb to flipping items on Craigslist. There were a few suggestions about starting a new business, but not one mention of improving your skills and value in your given field to increase your ability to produce!

And now I will tell you the secret: YOU are your greatest asset. Your skills and abilities as a practitioner, executive and owner determine your success. You are the key to making more money.

Ayn Rand once said, “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” I am pretty sure you already knew that. It’s not really a secret. But YOU might be a secret to your public. Does your community know who you are and what you do? Do you promote yourself, your company and your products and services?

As a practice owner you have the ability to maximize the value of your practice by simply making yourself and the value of your services known. This is key to expansion and financial stability for a practice. Having a financial plan that helps you understand your income needs is also key. Otherwise how do you know where you are going financially and how will you get there?

A Private Practice Millionaire knows how to make more money and get a return on his or her investment and sees the importance of having and following a personal financial plan.

Are you a Private Practice Millionaire?