I think everyone knows that famous scene from the movie Jerry Maguire. It is a great example of the sheer desperation people can experience when it comes to the subject of making income. Have you ever felt like that? You are an expert in your field, have the latest equipment and the best staff, your patients love you, yet you struggle with increasing your gross income.

What’s the solution? Did you think of promotion and marketing when I asked that question? Jerry Maguire figured it out. He only had one client, but man, he promoted and marketed him to anyone who would listen. Do you do that? Does your public even know you exist? Promotion is telling people that something exists. When you promote yourself or your company, then you are telling your public that you exist. Does your public know the value of your services? Now we are into marketing. Marketing shows your public the value of your products and services. People need things. They need products and services to make their daily lives go better.

When your promotion and marketing are done correctly and continuously, your public will know who you are and they will know the value of your services. Your phones will ring and your appointment books will be full. It’s not magic, it’s the power of promotion and marketing. And that is the “magic” of making income. A Private Practice Millionaire knows the value of promotion and marketing and knows that these tools, used properly, result in increased income.

This knowledge comes from continuing education, such as the Private Practice Millionaire Academy, and working with financial advisors and other professionals who specialize in strategies created specifically for private practice owners. Are you a Private Practice Millionaire