Remember that ad from Wendy’s? It made us laugh, but it also made us question the quality of the burgers we were consuming at the time. Wendy’s focused on the quality of their product and challenged the burger industry to step up or lose consumer confidence. Brilliant.

Should financial planning be any different? When you read our articles, brochures and other materials it should be fairly clear that we focus on getting results, which in the finance industry translates to quality of products.

Our product is a Private Practice Millionaire on the route to Financial Power. Our tools to create that product include the Road Map, Transition Plan and an annual review process we call ARMoR. These tools were created from years of research, technical training and practical application. Using these tools not only gives our clients the plan of action they need to become a Private Practice Millionaire, it also allows us to measure their progress and keep them on track. That’s right – metrics. We use metrics to determine the current financial condition, the Optimum Financial Condition and the progress toward that optimum condition.

There’s the beef! As a Private Practice Millionaire, this is the beef you need to achieve your Optimum Financial Condition. Being diligent about putting your Road Map into full action, getting your Transition Plan secured and participating in your annual ARMoR review is the key to your financial success as a Private Practice Millionaire.

Bon Appétit!