In our current society it is common practice to use credit to pay for our daily life activities. Whether this is in the form of a credit card, a line of credit or a loan, it all falls into the same category: DEBT!

Using credit to pay for things can sure make life easier—you don’t have to carry around a ton of cash or even a checkbook. You just hand over that plastic card or sign that loan document. The problem is you are still on the hook for the payment.

I know, the credit card commercials don’t tell you that, but it is true. So what exactly is credit? Well, it is your promise to the bank (or whomever is providing the credit) to pay later in exchange for receiving something now. Nothing wrong with that as long as you are planning for that expense.

How do you plan for an expense? Simple. You apply the material provided in the Private Practice Millionaire Academy and the Econologics Road Map® Financial Plan. The combination of the Academy and the Road Map provide excellent results-based tools for not only getting out of debt, but also staying out of debt.

The key to becoming a Private Practice Millionaire is the concept of being debt free and planning for future income and expenses so that one is not buried under bills and treading water with their finances. Private Practice Millionaires are diligent about applying the Econologics® tools to stay out of debt and build wealth so that they can experience a positive financial experience.

Are you a Private Practice Millionaire?