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If you have ever turned on the TV and saw the infomercial for the INSANITY workout, you would know that it is a 30-minute, high intensity workout that basically turns you into a big ball of sweat, rolling on the floor gasping for breath. When I decided to take the INSANITY plunge, I ordered the box set for whatever deal they were offering and got to work. When I received the package, I was amazed at how easy the whole program was to follow. It had 60 days of exercises mapped out exactly as you should do them for every day of the week. And then I pressed play.
While the videos were easy to follow, actually doing the exercises kicked my behind! After the first day, my poor body felt like it had taken a collective beating from Mike Tyson and Ike Turner. But then I pressed play again, and the next day got a little easier. After 2 weeks,
I could see improvement in my body and my stamina… I was getting results. After month 2, the exercises got a little more difficult and I felt like I had digressed. But
I kept pressing play, pressed on through the difficult exercises, and I kept getting better results… I was winning!
You should expect your path to Financial Power to encounter similar challenges. The Econologics Road Map, the Econologics Transition Plan, the Private Practice Millionaire Academy, and the Private Practice Millionaire Club; along with the expertise and help of your Econologics Financial Advisor and team, will provide the exact sequence of actions, behaviors, and sprinkle of inspiration to keep you motivated to achieve your own optimum financial condition.
Will it be easy? Not a chance! Any major change of your financial condition is going to almost ALWAYS be met with some type of resistance.
I won’t explain why that happens, but it happens. It is a GOOD sign. It means you are doing something right. You will not achieve the condition of Financial Power without going through some big hurdles, pitfalls, heartaches, and moments of fear. It is how you respond to those moments which will determine your course.
Many of you reading this may have heard of a veterinarian who suffered a horrendous fire at his clinic. I won’t get into specifics because it was such a tragedy. When I spoke with him recently, he decided he was not only going to rebuild the practice, but build a bigger practice than the one before. This man had every reason to pack up, quit, retire, and limp off into the sunset. He and his wonderful staff decided to do otherwise. They chose to face the adversity head on, attack it, and GO BIGGER! They are truly inspirational.
If you feel like you are off track on your Road Map and are not sure what to do,
I promise there is always something that can be done to get you back on the right path. No matter what financial condition you may find yourself in, I assure you we can help you confront it, lessen the confusion, and get you back to following the financial basics so you are winning again. ANY action you take will help.
Reread your course packs and your Road Map programs, set an appointment to talk to us, re-attend the NEW Private Practice Millionaire Academy, get started on your Transition Plan, DO SOMETHING! Keep the actions simple and the gradient smooth and easy. If your household reserves are not increasing and your debt is not decreasing, then something needs to change.
Like the Insanity workout, we have constructed a route towards the Optimum Financial Condition. It contains a complete “financial regiment” for a practice owner to follow to get results. I need you to do one thing for me – Just Press Play.