Econologics<sup>®</sup> Practice MaxValue Plan

Build Practice Value

Business Expansion and Transition Planning

You’ve worked hard to grow your largest and most valuable financial asset—your private practice. It may be difficult to imagine today, but at some point in the future, you’ll be ready to move on. You’re in Phase 2 of practice ownership which comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities.

To build and protect your practice’s ongoing value—for you, your staff, your patients, and your community—it’s important to develop a comprehensive expansion & transition strategy long before you think you need one.

The Econologics® Practice MaxValue Plan™ is a written, comprehensive approach to ensuring your business value for as long as you own it:


Receive sound guidance from a team of knowledgeable advisors.


Know you can rely on an organized, well-trained, and productive staff.


Celebrate abundant practice income that continues to accelerate.


Build and maintain your practice’s property for on-going growth.


Feel certain of your financial readiness to transition out of your practice.


Enjoy knowing you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to move on to the next chapter of your life.


Have peace of mind throughout the sale of your practice—knowing it will happen efficiently, on your own terms, and with maximum return on your investment.

Results-Based Financial Planning®

Expanding your business and building value you can maximize can seem confusing. With Econologics, it’s simple to gain confidence and get proven results through planning.

Step 1:


Meet with a specialist to review your assessment and help discover what needs to be done to improve your financial condition.

Step 2:


Get a simple, customized step-by-step plan from a trained, licensed advisor who specializes in working with practice owner households.

Step 3:


Continue your progress by getting constant, ongoing guidance and accountability from your advisor plus have your plan rewritten each year to update your results and goals.