Financial Management for Medical Practice Owners

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Financial Management Products and Services Offered Through Econologics Financial Advisors

Insurance-Based Products

Wealth Management Strategies

As a practitioner, you understand the importance of utilizing the correct tools and equipment to help your patients. But using the wrong tools at the wrong time can create a bad result.

To achieve financial success, you need to combine good financial habits with good financial products. We offer solutions and strategies that work when they are applied in the framework of the Econologics system.

Our expert team will guide you using our innovative, proprietary tools.

Let go of your “I don’t knows” and feel certain of your financial future.

Insurance-Based Products

These products are designed to protect assets, creating lifetime income, potential tax-advantaged income, and peace of mind.

• Whole Life
• Universal Life
• Index Universal Life
• Term Life
• Fixed Annuities
• Fixed Index Annuities
• Long Term Care
• Disability

Wealth Management Strategies

Our platform gives you access to over 100 investment strategies ranging from core, tactical and alternative. The underlying investments range from:

• Individual stocks
• Low cost mutual funds
• Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
• Fixed income securities

In addition, we have strategic relationships with real estate providers who offer direct investment into real estate without a middle man.