Your Clear Path to Financial Freedom

Personal Financial Plan for Owners

As a practitioner, you focus on your patients. As an owner and executive of your practice, you focus on your bottom line and achieving business goals. On the rare occasion when you have extra time and energy you focus on your family’s financial future.

There’s no question that financial planning has been made to be complex. But that shouldn’t stop you from being in control of your future.

The Econologics Road Map® Financial Plan is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of financial planning for a practice owner and puts you back in control.

Feel In Control of Your Financial Future

With guidance from your Econologics Financial Advisor, you will:


Feel more certain of your future with a comprehensive, actionable financial plan.


Gain knowledge and competency in essential financial policies and procedures.


Enjoy a viable, profitable, and expanding practice with a known transition strategy.


Achieve life goals with provisions for adequate present and future income.


Relieve stress by becoming debt-free and achieving excellent credit.


Safeguard your legacy with complete, efficient, and up-to-date estate arrangements.


Optimize your tax plan to mitigate present and future taxes.


Protect practically all assets from loss.


Engage in suitable and stable investments to fund your financial goals.

Results-Based Financial Planning®

Comprehensive financial planning can feel overwhelming and confusing. With Econologics, it’s simple to gain confidence and get proven results.

Step 1:


Meet with a specialist to review your assessment and help discover what needs to be done to improve your financial condition.

Step 2:


Get a simple, customized step-by-step plan from a trained, licensed advisor who specializes in working with practice owner households.

Step 3:


Continue your progress by getting constant, ongoing guidance and accountability from your advisor plus have your plan rewritten each year to update your results and goals.