Financial Planning

For over two decades P. Christopher Music, founder of Econologics Financial Advisors, has developed the subject of Econologics, as a new standard of financial planning technology using a more logical and scientific, results-based approach to solving the financial challenges of consumers. Drawn from an in-depth study of the basic fundamentals of financial prosperity from the greatest minds in history, the evolution of Econologics philosophy comes from 21 most common and repeated laws culminated from over 5000 years of financial documentation.

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Econologics could be considered the modern science of financial planning. This coined word is necessary to avoid confusion with what consumers believe is “financial planning,” since that concept has not been standardly defined or practiced in the financial advisory profession today. Briefly described, Econologics is an innovative financial planning and wealth preservation system designed to produce consistent results from household to household through the Econologics Road Map® Financial Plan: Results-Based Financial Planning® for Professionals and the Econologics Transition Plan: Results-Based Transition Planning® for Professionals and the Annual Road Map Renovation®: ARMoR program.