About Econologics Financial Advisors

Econologics Financial Advisors, LLC (EFA) is a full-service, Federally Registered Investment Advisor firm* and insurance agency providing comprehensive financial planning services nationwide** using a proprietary system called Econologics®.

Our Results-Based Financial Planning® system helps uncover the value of your hard work, enabling you to live life on your own terms.

The bottom line is you’ve made a number of sacrifices to get where you are, and you deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work. Econologics Financial Advisors uncovers and addresses many of the major reasons why private practice owners don’t meet their financial goals. 

Our expert team will guide you using our innovative, proprietary tools. Let go of your “I don’t knows” and feel certain of your financial future.

*Registration as an Investment Advisor does not imply any level of skill or training.

**See Legal Disclaimer here for more information.

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Meet the Econologics
Financial Advisors Team

Diane N. Hart

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Owner

As a former occupational therapist in private practice, Diane knows what it takes to help healthcare business owners achieve financial success. She’s a graduate of the Ohio State University and spends her free time kayaking, hiking, cooking, traveling, and relaxing with her cats, Stella and Izzy.

Eric S. Miller

Chief Financial Advisor, Co-Owner

For Eric, there’s no greater feeling that inspiring practice owners and helping them eliminate financial uncertainty. His specialty is creating and implementing the Econologics Roadmap and ARMoR annual reviews for clients, allowing them to reach their goals now and far into the future.

Mendy Frost Heinz

Director of Marketing & Sales

For most people, financial planning is a daunting, confusing task. Mendy helps eliminate that uncertainty by developing practical, educational materials that help our clients make informed decisions.

Annette Jonsson

Director of Business Development

Pamela McAvoy

Deputy Chief of Operations

Jessica Seible

Marketing Specialist

Eric Gersch

Financial Advisor

Josh Abrahamson

Financial Advisor

Frank Schiro


Joseph Esposito

Senior Financial Planner Assistant

Lauren Tami

Financial Planner Assistant

Maylin Cuello

Financial Planner Assistant

Cheryl Fisher

Financial Planner Service Assistant

Donna Roberts

Econologics Specialist Assistant