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ARMoR – Annual Road Map Renovation®

We know that keeping you on track with the basic steps to achieving Financial Power is the key to your financial success. As time progresses, the household condition evolves. So we developed the Annual Road Map Renovation (ARMoR) report to provide you with ongoing interaction and follow-up to help you implement your Econologics Road Map programs and help you achieve your financial goals.

ARMoR is your Econologics Road Map renovated each year. It is a step-by-step annual review process that reassesses the current status of the financial condition of the household, analyzes the actions needed to improve it, and creates implementation programs to move the household to a more Optimum Financial Condition each year as verified by Econometry Analytics. This report will provide you with the precise sequence of actions which, if implemented, may improve your financial well-being, security, and certainty.