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About Eric Miller

Eric S. Miller, also known as Best Financial Friend Forever™, BFFF®, is a 20+ year veteran of the financial planning profession. He is a co-owner of Econologics Financial Advisors® and a registered series 6 and 65 financial advisor as well as insurance licensure nationwide. Having had over 10,000 conversations with private practice owners discussing financial matters of their household and business, Eric has guided his clients into a more optimum financial condition using a proven system that gets results.

The Financial “Opportunity Trap”

The Financial "Opportunity Trap" One’s journey to become financially independent is never a straight line upward. There are hills and valleys, successes and failures, and obstacles that seem like they can never be conquered. However, there [...]

The Practice Owner’s Financial Sweet Spot

The Practice Owner's Financial Sweet Spot If you listen to a professional athlete, they talk about their “sweet spot” when it comes to a particular sport. For them, it’s a certain point on their racket, bat, [...]

Celebrate Your Financial Victories

Celebrate Your Financial Victories When I was growing up, the Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees were the kings of sports.  While I admired how hard they worked to get to the top, one of the [...]

10 Important Actions to Help You Navigate the Path to Financial Freedom

10 Important Actions to Help You Navigate the Path to Financial Freedom By and large, people are unhappy when they are confused and disorderly in any area of life. Find a person who appears to be [...]

How to Be an “ACE” With Money

How to Be an "ACE" With Money If you ever wanted to study the subject of money, then one needs to go no further than Las Vegas. The people who run this town know EXACTLY the [...]

The Cost of Making a Financial Decision During Burnout

The Cost of Making a Financial Decision During Burnout I am about to tell you a story of just how costly it can be to make a financial decision when you are emotionally “burned out,” exasperated, [...]

Avoiding “RBMs” – 4 Simple Rules

Avoiding “RBMs” – 4 Simple Rules Tell me if you have heard this story: Business owner has 4 good months where cash flow is good, bills are getting paid, creditors are not calling, a little bit [...]

The Fast Food Financial Advice Epidemic

The Fast Food Financial Advice Epidemic We have all had this experience. We are busy working. We get hungry. We know we shouldn’t, but we just can’t help ourselves. We drive to the nearest fast food [...]

A Controversial Advanced Tax Strategy

I have some bad news for you. If you own a qualified plan (IRA or 401(k)) then you may be in a possession of a bomb—a tax bomb to be more exact. For years the “High Priests of Finance” have [...]

Changing Your Financial Pace

Changing Your Financial Pace The long-term survival of a human being, a family, a company, a nation, or a tomato plant for that matter, depends upon its ability to be more right than wrong in the [...]

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