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In our experience working with Practice Owners, we have found that utilizing checklists is a solid way to prevent and/or correct a situation. Click the button below to see our available free checklists and download those that apply to your immediate need or interest!

Download Practice Expansion Checklist

Download​ 7 Zones of Financial Freedom Whitepaper

Download 27-Point Financial Checklist

Download Practice Cash Flow Crunch Checklist

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Practice Expansion Checklist

Do you want to expand your business, but need some guidance on when to pull the trigger? It is time to stop dreaming and start planning! Learn when the time is right and when expansion plans should wait to avoid pitfalls on your journey.
*US Residents Only.

7 Zones of Financial Freedom Whitepaper

There ARE different zones of financial conditions, and they each have certain characteristics. To get where you want to be financially, you MUST know what financial zone you are currently in so you are aware of the steps needed to get into the next zone. Take the first step and learn about the 7 Zones of Financial Freedom to start your journey.
*US Residents Only

27-Point Financial Checklist

As a busy practice owner your attention is being pulled in multiple directions on a daily basis. However, one area you can NOT overlook is your finances – This area needs to be CONSTANTLY monitored on a regular basis. Utilizing a checklist to ensure your practice is in great financial condition is a vital part of achieving your financial goals. Learn what areas of your finance are most important so you can spend your time wisely on your journey to financial freedom.
*US Residents Only.

Cash Flow Crunch Checklist for Practice Owners

It is an unfortunate reality that most practice owners will experience times where cash flow is insufficient, leaving the business insolvent. There are immediate actions you can take to help restore solvency to your practice and remedy your cash flow crisis. Learn the three roles you play as a practice owner and the steps you need to take in each role in order to salvage a cash flow crunch in your business at any phase of ownership.
*US Residents Only.

Your Ideal Financial Advisor

Who should you listen to when it comes to financial advice? What questions you should ask when interviewing financial advisors before you hire one? Choosing the ideal financial advisor for your family is one of the most important economic decisions you may make in your lifetime. If you select poorly, it could cost you precious time and money. We have developed a simple interview process to help practice owners, like yourself, in finding the ideal advisor to help guide you on your journey to financial freedom.
*US Residents Only.