If you live on planet earth you know about the natural law of gravity. You understand the necessity of it. If you’re like me you’ve probably tested it. I remember the day I jumped off the top of my slide with an umbrella, convinced I could fly like Mary Poppins. I quickly learned that not only was I not Mary Poppins, I was also not equipped to defy gravity.

If I want to fly, I have to know and apply the natural laws pertaining not only to gravity, but also aerodynamics. That would have been good to know before I jumped.

What does this have to do with you as a practice owner? Well, in business there are natural laws that apply to everything from managing staff to handling the finances and it is important to know what they are and how to follow them to experience success.

I bet you’ve tested a natural law without even knowing it. Did you ever hire someone even though you knew they were trouble and then experience the fallout from their toxicity? Or maybe you bought that expensive piece of equipment even though your numbers didn’t support the purchase. It probably felt like falling off a slide and hitting the ground hard. Sound familiar?

Well, the good news is you don’t have to keep jumping off the slide and hoping you can fly. It’s just a matter of getting educated and aligning with the right professionals who can help you prepare for the jump so you have a successful experience!

A Private Practice Millionaire knows the importance of continually educating themselves and working with qualified professionals to correctly apply the natural laws of business and personal finance. They see the value of the Econologics financial planning process and attend the Private Practice Millionaire Academy to learn and apply the natural laws of finance and economics.

Are you a Private Practice Millionaire?