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10 Reasons Why Practice Owners Are in a Financial Crisis

10 Reasons Why Practice Owners Are in a Financial Crisis Most practice owners are in a financial crisis. Crisis is a strong word. It is defined as a “time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” Examples [...]

The Financial “Opportunity Trap”

The Financial "Opportunity Trap" One’s journey to become financially independent is never a straight line upward. There are hills and valleys, successes and failures, and obstacles that seem like they can never be conquered. However, there [...]

The Practice Owner’s Financial Sweet Spot

The Practice Owner's Financial Sweet Spot If you listen to a professional athlete, they talk about their “sweet spot” when it comes to a particular sport. For them, it’s a certain point on their racket, bat, [...]

The Anatomy of Financial Ruin

The Anatomy of Financial Ruin Anatomy: separating or dividing into parts for detailed examination. Ruin: a. a state of complete destruction b. the state of having lost money, social status, etc. - Merriam-Webster As an [...]

The #1 Way to Get Ahead

The #1 Way to Get Ahead Throughout your lifetime, you will produce a certain amount of income and you will adopt a lifestyle that can be supported by that level of income. Whatever that is, the [...]

Lessons from the Grocery Store

Lessons from the Grocery Store A  while back, I was at the grocery store doing my weekly shopping and got behind a young mother with two kids in the checkout line. As I patiently waited for [...]

Preserve Your Reserves

I do like simple things. There is no truer test of a genius then someone who can take something that is seemingly very complex and reduce it down to a simplicity. One of the reasons I admire private practice health [...]

Private Practice Professionals: Pay Yourself First!

Part of my responsibility as a Financial Advisor is to observe and communicate what successful actions you as a private practice professional can do to ensure your financial future is certain and secure. The first step on your journey to [...]

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