Ee all know jokes about the IRS and getting taxed seemingly to death. But I doubt any of us laugh when we pay those tax bills. Is writing that check painful? Did you have to go to old hiding places to get the money or were you prepared?

The reality is we all have to pay taxes, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer in the process. It is all about knowledge and preparation. Do you have a pulse on what you are going to owe? Are your tax payments planned for and on time? Do you set aside money for taxes so you are ready when the payment is due? A Private Practice Millionaire is in the know and is prepared.

The Private Practice Millionaire knows that this is part of the game of improving one’s financial condition and plans accordingly. Key to planning and being prepared is knowing what to do. Knowing what to do is simply a function of proper education and partnering with the correct professionals who know how to advise private practice professionals.

A great way to get the proper education is to attend the Private Practice Millionaire Academy. This is a 3-day workshop packed full of data on taxes and other areas of financial planning geared specifically to the private practice owner that can be attended as often as desired for a nominal fee.

An educated private practice owner sees the power and value in seeking advice from professionals who understand the needs of the practice owner. Having the correct financial advisor, accountant and business management consultant who know how to properly advise the Private Practice Millionaire is a fundamental necessity to the Private Practice Millionaire’s success and not something that is considered negotiable.

A Private Practice Millionaire who operates this way has his tax affairs in order and continues to expand and flourish. Are you a Private Practice Millionaire?